Covid-19 Precautions

We are thankful to be open during the pandemic and are committed to operating as safely as possible for our clients, staff and community.  

Masks are required at all times

This applies to staff and clients alike.


Appointments times have been spaced out

Please arrive as close to your scheduled appointment time as possible to avoid overlapping with other clients.


Cancellation policies have been updated

Even if you are on your way to your appointment and need to cancel because you aren't feeling well, we won't charge you!


Sanitized Facilities

All surfaces, equipment and supplies are disinfected between clients and air purifiers are running in the

massage room and the infrared sauna room.

Open Communication

Please let us know if you have been exposed to someone with the Coronavirus so that we can take necessary steps to ensure other clients are not at risk.  If need be, we will close temporarily to ensure everyone's safety. 

Terra Sana Wellness Client Rights and Responsibilities

PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY: All information provided on the intake form and discussed while in sessions with a massage therapist will be held in confidence within Terra Sana Wellness’s professional staff. If it is appropriate/requested, the client will be asked for approval before any of this confidential information is shared with other professionals/practitioners.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: If under the care of a physician for any condition contraindicated for massage, the client will need to provide a physician’s statement clearing them to receive therapeutic massage. Because massage is not appropriate with certain mental and physical conditions, it is important to disclose all known conditions and answer all intake questions honestly.  For subsequent sessions,  keep the practitioner updated as to any changes in the physical and mental profile and understand that there shall be no liability on the therapist’s part should the client fail to do so.


For the protection and dignity of our guests and staff, INTOXICATION, SEXUAL ADVANCE OR INNUENDO CANNOT BE TOLERATED and if this occurs, the session will be ended immediately with payment in full required. All future services will be cancelled.  No refunds for paid services will be offered. It is the clients' right to be covered (draped) to their comfort for the duration of the session.  If the client ever feels uncomfortably exposed, it is appropriate to request more coverage.


CANCELLATIONS AND MISSED APPOINTMENTS: Cancelled or missed appointments with less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a $40 fee. Exceptions can be made in the case of an emergency.

It outside the SCOPE OF PRACTICE for massage therapists to perform spinal or skeletal adjustments. A licensed massage therapist does not diagnose illness, disease or any other medical, physical or psychological disorder. The client is responsible for consulting a qualified physician for any medical or mental health concerns they have.

GRATUITY is appreciated but never expected.  If the client would like to leave a tip, it can be in cash or on a card when checking out after your appointment.

509 E Hillside Drive #104
Bloomington, Indiana  47401

Hours of Operation

Monday: 12-6

Tuesday- Massage Appointments with Ryane Only

Wednesday: 12-6

Thursday: 12-6

Friday: 12-7

Saturday: 10-5

Sunday: 12-6