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Mood + Mind Boost Collection

Stress plays out differently for different people. This collection is curated for those who experience depression, fatigue, 'foggy brain' or a general lack of motivation. Bringing the nervous system and endocrine system back in to balance helps to feel clear and joyfully calm. Our Giveaway this week includes:

Mountain Mel's "Where is My Mind" Tea:

This caffeine-free herbal tea is blended with brain stimulating herbs. It can help to improve your memory, stay focused as you study, and stay alert (without the caffeine jitters!) and with the enjoyable flavors of rosemary and peppermint.

doTERRA "Thinker"© Essential Oil Roller:

Designed to create a sense of alertness and focus, this essential oil blend can help with mental energy while promoting a stronger sense of concentration. Herbal and slightly sweet, the unique aroma helps instill feelings of clarity during times of confusion.

Rasa Bold Energy Tonic:

This adaptogenic formula is packed with full-spectrum extracts at clinically studied effective doses to promote better performance, cognition, and flow. BOLD is caffeine free but still provides an extra energy boost when you need it!

Green Turtle Botanicals St. John's Wort Tincture:

Current research indicates St. John's Wort can be effective for mild to moderate depression, viral infections, and pain relief. This herbal tincture is made locally by Susan Clearwater, Holistic Nurse at Green Turtle Botanical Sanctuary.

Natural Patches of Vermont, Enhanced Energy:

Uplifting, stimulating and refreshing - this blend has been formulated to help you stay awake, alert and active throughout the day, without the “crash” associated with some energy boosters. May also aid in dispelling feelings of listlessness and withdrawal from life, whether caused by internal or external influences.

Natural Patches of Vermont, Enhanced Mental Focus & Energy:

This easy-to-use essential oil patch is blended with awkening and refreshing lemongrass and peppermint, which work together with ylang ylang to encourage a sense of enhanced mental clarity and awareness.

Leave us a comment and let us know if you have any experience/feedback on the products in our Mind + Mood Boost Collection!

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