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Pain & Tension Relief Collection

We are kicking off our 2021 Anniversary Giveaways with our Pain & Tension Relief Collection! While everyone's pain is unique, the items in this collection have been tested by our staff (and clients) and found to be effective for relieving pain related to muscle tension and fatigue, inflammation, or injury. We hope you find something here that works for you!

This giveaway features some favorites:

doTERRA Deep Blue ® Rub: this non-greasy cream creates a soothing yet invigorating sensation and stimulates circulation through muscle tissue to alleviate soreness and tension.

Natural Patches of Vermont, Muscle & Nerve Formula: a carefully-crafted blend of the refreshing, balancing, and vitalizing aromatics of wintergreen, marjoram, spruce, helichrysum, clove and peppermint, promoting a sense of overall comfort to distressed muscle and nerves so you can get on with your active life.

Butter Me Up Organics, Magnesium Lotion: you can read more about why I love magnesium lotion in my blog, but you should also try it for yourself! This moisturizing cream is boosted with magnesium, a mineral that naturally relaxes tight and tired muscles. Quickly absorbed through the skin, this lotion is wonderful for use before bed to aid in restful sleep and combat cramps and muscle aches.

Natural Patches of Vermont, Muscle & Joint Formula: provides comfort for tired, sore muscles and joints through its potent blend of stimulating and strengthening essential oils including arnica, cayenne, ginger, rosemary and lemongrass.

Mountain Mel's Bobcat Balm: Mountain Mel's Bobcat Balm is warming, yet cooling, helping ease inflammation in sore or stiff muscles, sprains, strains, bruising, and arthritic joints. This balm is also suitable for alleviating general body aches and pains.

Lacuna Botanicals Deep Tissue Elite CBD Cream: infused with terpenes and a potent 500mg or 1000mg of pure Cannabidiol (CBD), this moisturizing cream can be massaged into specific areas for targeted pain relief. For home use, it is remarkably versatile and it's proprietary blend of essential oils not only gives Deep Tissue its exquisite signature scent but also delivers an exceptionally soothing result.

The Loose Leaf, Pain Relief Tea: a wonderful blend of herbs perfected to reduce inflammation, relax muscles, and relieve pain. Kava root is a natural muscle relaxer. White willow bark is pure salicin, (pain reliever). Hibiscus is full of anti inflammatory properties, which also reduces pain. This tea is caffeine free, making it enjoyable at any time of the day!

If you have used any of the products in this collection, we'd love to hear about your experience in the comments below - or let us know if you have questions!

Best, Ryane

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