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The Search for the Best CBD Lotion

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Topical CBD can be a great way to relieve pain and stimulate healing in targeted areas. This makes it a potentially fantastic addition to any massage- as long as the product meets our criteria! We sampled several brands and types of topical CBD products and rated them on the quality of ingredients, the efficacy of pain relief, how pleasant they are to use (texture and smell), business practices and affordability. Here are the results!


Lacuna Botanicals, Deep Tissue Massage Cream

As we sampled different relief creams, this became the clear winner; we kept coming back to it when we had aches or soreness and it offered quick and lasting relief. It feels great on the skin and absorbs quickly so it's enjoyable to use at home, but the consistency is also wonderful with massage!


Lazarus Naturals, Cedar Citrus CBD Balm

This little jar was full of surprises! The smell is one of my favorites (although if you don't like the smell of cedar, you should probably skip this one). It reminds my of summer camp in the best way. Love the organic ingredients and that it has full spectrum hemp extract. The texture is also surprising: it seems like it might be greasy, but it absorbs really well and doesn't feel 'sticky' afterwards. A favorite for at-home use!


One Farm, Turmeric Relief Cream with Organic CBD

This blended cream is focused on reducing inflammation and stimulating circulation with botanical infusions of Turmeric, Piperine, Cayenne along with Organic CBD. An effective product with quality ingredients, it is worth the higher price tag. It doesn't have the smoothest feel, so it is not our choice to use with a massage, but for at-home spot treatments, it certainly helps relieve swelling and pain!


Charlotte's Web, Hemp Infused Cream

This company certainly know what they are doing when it comes to extracting Full Spectrum CBD for internal use, but their Hemp Infused Cream left me disappointed. The lotion gets sticky and tacky as you apply it and I noticed less pain relief than with other topical CBD products I've tried.

They have just re-formulated, so maybe we'll try it again- although with the long list of preservatives in the ingredients it is never going to be top of my list.


Sacred Earth, CBD Infused Arnica Muscle Rub

This company is dedicated to things we care about, too: organic ingredients, no toxic preservatives and ethical trade practices. And the functional use of the "roller" is really great for self-application without getting your hands oily. Having said that, it does leave your skin sticky for awhile and doesn't provide as much relief for acute pain as our other picks. I recommend Sacred Earth's Organic Arnica Salve, instead.

Next up on our list to try: Relief Balm from Exhemplary Life

If you have other suggestions for topical CBD products we should consider, please let us know in the comments below!

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