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Infrared Sauna


  • If this is your first time coming in, please plan to arrive 5 minutes ahead of your appointment time to fill out our brief intake form and waiver.

  • Increase your water intake before your appointment.

  • It is a good idea to eat an hour prior to your appointment to allow for digestion before your sauna session. 

  • We also recommend you bring a water bottle with you (you can refill it from our filtered water cooler).

  • Loose fitting clothing can be worn in the sauna, but you are also welcome to undress (including removing your mask!) since you will be in a private room for the duration of your appointment. 

  • We will provide a bowl of cool water, washcloths and towels for your use.

  • While your appointment is for forty-five minutes, you will have the freedom to go in and out of the infrared sauna freely in case you’d like to take a break and cool down. You will also have the ability to adjust the temperature of the sauna.

  • Don’t be surprised if you don’t sweat very much during the first few treatments. The infrared heat is still stimulating circulation and detoxification and sweating will increase with regular use. 

  • After your sauna session, drink at least 24oz of water or your favorite electrolyte source (coconut water is a great option).

If you have any other questions about what to expect for your Infrared Sauna Session, please give us a call!



Tips for Your
Infrared Sauna Session

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