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Why the Infrared Sauna is a Great Idea after a Deep Tissue Massage
Ryane Hawkins

Deep Tissue techniques intentionally cause a natural inflammatory response; stimulating a rush of circulation into areas of tension to help release stagnant toxins into the blood stream and stimulating a cellular healing response.  Sometimes it is what you need but this process can cause soreness, like after a good workout*, which is an excellent sign that we created some productive change in the muscle tissue! Many of you have probably felt this- and then (hopefully) felt the benefit of increased range of motion and decreased pain once the inflammatory response has run its course. 


Using the infrared sauna after a Deep Tissue massage helps to speed up the healing process!  Inflammation subsides quicker and toxins are expelled from the body more effectively so they don’t just re-settle in other tissue. As the infrared heat stimulates circulation, red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients to help cells and tissue recover.


The infrared heat also continues to soften muscular and connective tissue to fortify work done in your massage. Just be sure to consciously hydrate before, during and after this therapeutic combination!


* Massage should never actually be painful and increased pain and tension after a massage- especially if it lasts more than 48 hours- is indicative that the work was too intense for your body that day. If that ever happens at Terra Sana, please let us know and we will make sure to adjust in future sessions to stay in a more effective therapeutic zone!

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