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Customized Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

The goal of Therapeutic Massage is to release tension, increase circulation, and promote the body's ability to achieve optimum health. These sessions are customized for each client and can include a variety of techniques based on your needs and preferences. 


Our approach is to work with you as an individual to address your specific

goals and needs and to be attentive to your body's response in order to achieve

the most benefit from our session.

75-Minute Session: $100

90-Minute Session: $115

Deep Tissue Massage

Using focused techniques to address muscular tension, deep tissue work intentionally creates 

an inflammatory response; stimulating a rush of circulation into areas of tension

to help release stagnant toxins into the blood stream and stimulate a

cellular healing response. Wonderfully paired with an Infrared Sauna session!

60-Minute Session: $100

90-Minute Session: $145

Deep Tissue Massage on the Shoulders

Prenatal Massage

The safest and most supportive position during pregnancy, side-lying, is an

ultra comfortable position also great for anyone with chronic lower back

and hip pain. In this position, we are able to work shoulders, ribs, lower back, 

hips, and legs in a way we can't in a 'traditional' session. ​

*Bonus: you don't have to deal with the sinus congestion

that can result from lying face down!

60-Minute Session: $80

Prenatal Client

Postpartum Massage

During the months after pregnancy and labor, the body needs specific care. 

We are here to ease the tensions of early parenthood, soothe the nervous 

system and support healing.  We can work in side-lying positions,

a semi-reclined position or face-down and on your back and will support with

pillows so you feel truly comfortable. 

60-Minute Session: $80

Side-lying Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

The hot basalt stones encourages blood flow throughout the body

and have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress,

and promote deep relaxation.

60-Minute Session: $105

90-Minute Session: $130

Reflexology Foot Treatment

Reflexology Foot Massage

Stimulating targeted points on the feet optimizes circulation

throughout the body, supporting organ health and rejuvenating tired, achy feet. 

In this session, we begin with a customized herbal and mineral foot soak and use

ultra-moisturizing products on the feet to help you feel invigorated and restored!

45-Minute Session: $60

Reflexology Hand Massage

Reflexology Hand Massage

We use our hands and wrists all day long and when they receive focused attention,

it has a wonderful neuro-muscular reaction throughout the arms, shoulders, neck

and head. By utilizing mapped reflexology points as well, we can influence well-being

throughout the entire body!

Highly recommended for anyone who is regularly using fine motor skills

(typing, writing, drawing, constructing, signing, etc).

45-Minute Session: $60

Cranial / TMJ Massage

Focusing on the muscles and connective tissue of cervical spine,

cranial plates, and jaw, this session can offer relief from headaches

and other TMJ disfunction symptoms.

Also great for relief from eye strain, sinus pressure and overall stress!

45-Minute Session: $60

Head Massage

Therapeutic Cupping 

Cupping can be useful for individuals looking to recover from an injury, feel better after an illness, and ease chronic tension. We use Active and Traditional Cupping Techniques with silicone cups creating negative pressure- stimulating circulation, removing toxins, and improving range of motion.

45-Minute Session: $60

Cupping for pain and tension relief
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