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Dry Brushing: great in your massage -and at home!

Updated: Apr 25

I am a HUGE FAN of dry brushing; I like the way it feels, I like the invigoration it provides, I love the way my skin feels afterwards! In Ayurveda, dry brushing is traditionally used to rid the body of ama (toxins built up in the body) and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Benefits of dry brushing:

  • Stimulates the nerves in the skin, promoting healing in the tissue

  • Stimulates natural skin oil production

  • Activates the pores in the skin to expel cellular waste

  • Excellent lymphatic stimulation

  • Dry exfoliation of the epidermis

  • Increased circulation and blood flow

We are offering dry brushing as an add-on service to any Therapeutic Massage at Terra Sana Wellness. Following lymphatic guidelines, the dry brushing is incorporated into the massage along with steamed towels and moisturizing skin products. This extends the massage session time by 10 minutes and you can take the dry brush home with you for self-care!

It feels wonderful to have someone else provide dry-brushing, but it is also easy to do yourself! In the morning, before a shower or before a sauna session are excellent times to enjoy this invigorating self-care practice. We recommend following these basic guidelines for dry brush use:

  • Use the brush in long, gentle sweeping motions.

  • Starting with the lower legs, move upward towards the concentration of lymph nodes in the lower abdomen.

  • For the upper body, again move from the hands/wrists towards the chest and armpits.

  • The abdomen benefits from a counter-clockwise pattern of movement.

After dry brushing, remove the expelled skin cells with a shower or wet cloths. The skin will be quick to absorb any lotions or oils you use immediately following dry brushing, making it an excellent time for restorative or topical pain relief products like calendula, arnica, CBD or magnesium.

Let us know your favorite aspect of dry brushing in the comments!

Hope to see you soon,


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